jueves, 22 de enero de 2004


Not everything has a price, but the important things are always accompanied by a cost.There is a difference. A price is what you pay for something. Pricing usually comes in barterable form, materials and goods, cash.

Cost, however, isn't negotiable. It is the penalty or the expenditure to achieve something. It isn't always tallied in coin, but in sweat and sacrifice. That it often leads to great triumphs is all that makes the cost worth paying.
The price of a textbook doesn't indicate the cost of learning the information stored within it. The two are separate.

For some reason, though, many people seem to conflate the two terms: price=cost, and cost=price.
Many people who come to Paganism see only the dollar signs of acquiring it, not the sweat of being it. They confuse the books and candles and incense with the methods and skills and knowledge.

The years it takes to learn, truly learn, Paganism are short shrifted by those who have been taught from birth that everything has a price. All they have to do is discover what it is, fork over the required cash, and the mysteries of the universe are theirs to play with.

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